We are pleased to be able to offer you the following services:

Corporate Services:

  1. New business setup.
  2. Business Plans.
  3. Process of Incorporation.
  4. Corporate by-laws, meeting notes, share structure, and more.

IT Services:

  1. Desktop sales, maintenance, repairs, and on-site support options.
  2. Server sales, maintenance, management, repairs, and on-site support options.
  3. Network design, implementation, maintenance, on-site/remote management, and support options.
  4. Data center services, server rental, server co-location, VPS/cloud services, web site hosting, and more.
  5. Data center management.
  6. Web Site design, maintenance, modernization, and upkeep.
  7. Social Media Marketing Services.

Paralegal Services:

  1. Alberta Civil Actions – Provincial & Court of Queen’s Bench.
  2. Alberta Family Law – Provincial & Court of Queen’s Bench.
  3. Alberta Family Law – Alberta Court of Appeal.
  4. Federal – Civil & CRA Actions.
  5. Federal Court of Appeal – Civil & CRA Actions.
  6. Federal Tax Court of Canada – CRA Actions.
  7. Supreme Court of Canada – Various.

Rental Property Management:

We offer services to assist in managing residential property management.